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Bio-Degradable Tarnish Removder

Glo Tech offers an outstanding line of multi-use, specialty cleaning products. Our Sunshine brand of professional jewelry cleaner and biodegradable tarnish remover will clean your jewelry gently and thoroughly and continue to restore and maintain that original brilliance after every cleaning. All of this is accomplished with 100% environmentally friendly products that are non-toxic making [...]

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Jewelry Cleaning Accessories

Glo Tech jewelry cleaning accessories include jewelers cotton cleaning clothand jewelry detail cleaning brushes, your choice of package of 2 or package of 5. Keep your jewelry shining at all times with Glo-Tech Inc accessories. With the special jeweler's brush, you can gently brush beneath the stones to remove any build-up. Be sure to have [...]

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Sunshine Jewelry Cleaner

Glo Tech's Sunshine Jewelry Cleaner is an amazing cleaner containing 100% biodegradable cleaning agents plus banana and coconut oil. The cleaner rinses film free. that's why it brings out 100% more sparkle, color and brilliance to your diamonds, cubic zirconia's, crystals, rhinestones, and all stones; opals radiate more fire, and pearls impart more luster. It is [...]

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Polishing Cream

Glo Tech's one gallon professional tarnish remover polishing cream  is a tough gentle cream. Put a dab on a cloth, rub it in, and watch the tarnish disappear. No brush or hot air necessary. Your jewelry will be back to its original shine in seconds. Biodegradable, non-abrasive and safe for all types of metal, including [...]

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Jewelry Cleaning Tips

Jewelry can very easily become tarnished, dirty and dull. To keep your favorite pieces shiny, sparkling and new, proper jewelry care is the necessary. The wrong method of cleaning can also cause permanent damage to your jewelry.Use these jewelry cleaning tips to before cleaning your jewelry. Always do a quick visual check to see if [...]

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Jewelry Cleaning

Jewelry cleaning can be done safely and requires very little manual labor. Glo Tech has the jewelry cleaning machines, jewelry cleaning solutions and jewelry polishing cream you need to save you time from getting off the dirt and film. Jewelry always looks its best when it is clean and jewelry will get dirty after wearing [...]

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Large Jewelry Cleaner Kit

Our large jewelry cleaner kit includes the 4oz Jewelry Cleaner with lift tray and small cleaning brush; 2oz Tarnish Remover/Polishing Cream and the 12oz Jewelry Cleaner refill bottle. The Jewelry Cleaner and Tarnish Remover is all natural,no amonia,acids or alcohol is bio-degradable and environmentally friendly, the tarnish remover/polishing cream is non-abrasive.Got Cleaner's brand of professional [...]

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Dart Barrel Cleaner

Got Cleaner's dart barrell cleaner is a non toxic cleaner, it is 98% bio-degradable and simple to use. Drop your dart barrells in the cleaner, soak for a few minutes, brush off, rinse and reassemble. It removes all the oils and grime. We carry the only professional dart barrell cleaner. Cleaning your dart barrells [...]

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Optima 350i Ultrasonic Jewelry Cleaner

With the Optima 350i ultrasonic jewelry cleaner you can clean your watches, fine jewelry, eyeglasses, dentures, electric shaver heads and many more household items with this Ultrasonic Cleaner. Features two chambers that allows you to separate items if needed. Also features 2 programmed speed cleaning settings, removable trays for small items, and an on/off switch [...]

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