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Polishing Cream

Do you have tarnished silver that you need to clean? Our professional tarnish remover is the tough on tarnish but gentle to the item. Watch your tarnish just disappear with just a dab of cleaner. Your silver will be back to its original form in no time. Visit www.glotechinc.com and see all the jewelry and natural silver cleaners we offer.

Abalone by the Sea

Get this exquisite piece of jewelry from Jewelry by Louise Gail made from Abalone shell and keep it clean with Glo-Tech Inc. all natural jewelry cleaners. This necklace displays five beautifully color rich albacore pieces stretched between a decorative gold chain. Visit www.glotechinc.com for all your jewelry cleaner and wonderful jewelry pieces by Louise Gail.

Classic Jewelry Cleaner

The Classic Jewelry Cleaner from Glo-Tech Inc. uses only all natural ingredients to brighten and restore your most delicate and cherished jewelry. Just dip and see how the dirt and grime from everyday wearing will just slip away. This gentle but powerful jewelry cleaner is biodegradable and safe to use and can be yours by visiting www.glo-techinc.com.

Gallon Jewelry Cleaner Plus Gallon Polishing Cream

Do you have a large scale jewelry cleaning need? The Professional Jewelry Cleaner and Polishing Cream now come in gallon containers to support your need to clean. This cleaner is made in the USA and is all natural with no ammonia, acids or alcohol to protect even you most delicate jewelry pieces. As always this cleaner is biodegradable and is environmental friendly. Visit Glo Tech, Inc. today to meet your large scale jewelry cleaning needs.

Keep your Jewelry Sparkling

Unlike some store bought jewelry cleaners, Sunshine Professional Jewelry Cleaner is safe, biodegradable and environmentally friendly. It contains no ammonia, acids or alcohol that can harm your most delicate jewelry pieces. Visit Glo Tech, Inc. today to get all your jewelry cleaning necessities.


Optima Model 350i Ultrasonic Cleaner Kit

The Ultrawave Sonic cleaning machine is the best to clean your jewelry to its brightest shine. The polishing cream is great at getting rid of the tarnish and oxidation that build up on gold, silver, copper and brass pieces. With this kit, clean everything from rings to eye glasses and be assured that all the products are mild and safe to use. Visit Glo-Tech, Inc. today and see these remarkable products for yourself.

Worlds First Candle Cleaner

Have a wax problem. Remove candle wax from most fabrics, carpets, motives and candle holders with Candle Clean. This environmentally friendly 100% non flammable product will remove uncover the luster and shine of items covered with candle wax and help to clean the drips away from candles themselves. Visit Glo-Tech, Inc. today and see this remarkable product.

All Natural Jewelry Cleaner from Glo Tech, Inc.

Have dirty or dingy jewelry but worry about harsh chemicals. Our professional cleaner uses all-natural ingredients to gently clean and restore the brilliance of your jewelry. All you need to do is simply dip your jewelry piece into the solution and watch the dirt and grime disappear. Visit Glo Tech, Inc today, for all your jewelry cleaning needs.

Large Jewelry Cleaner Care Kit with Klear View Spray Bottle

If you have a sizeable jewelry collection, a Glo Tech, Inc. package kit is just the thing. This kit provides all of the necessary components to clean everything you own. All of the products are biodegradable and environmentally friendly on top of being gentle to your most fragile jewelry. Contact Glo Tech, Inc. today for a cleaning kit.

All Natural Jewelry Cleaner

Our professional jewelry cleaner uses only all-natural ingredients that will help you restore the luster of all your fine jewelry. Dip the piece directly into the solution and all the grime and dirt will be removed and the original shine of the necklace or ring will be restored. Visit Glo Tech Inc. today for all of your jewelry cleaning needs and see the difference that a natural and biodegradable product can do.

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